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A Malaysian born art/design/fashion/travel/food enthusiast. I am a now a Sydneysider and have have been living here for the last 7 years. Follow me on Instagram and see my works at


Guest Post: Eat for Glowing Skin

Posted on: November 30th, 2014 by Rena Phuah (3 Comments)

If you’re into skincare and anti-aging, chances are you’ve got some pretty good idea of what cleansers, oils and serums to use to keep your skin looking good. But I really think, unless you’ve got amazing skin genes like Cate Blanchett, these things are only part of the picture to clear, youthful skin. As someone who has gone through years of cystic acne, I have heavily relied upon topical treatments that have promised glowing and blemish free skin for so many years – until I came across the idea of eating for beautiful skin. Think about it. If you fed a rose garden with the wrong soil lacking in the right nutrients and minerals and hardly no water, you wouldn’t get radiant, blooming flowers would you? Same with our skin – if we’re feeding our bodies with processed foods (think takeaway or food-like substances from a packet or tin) and cans of soft drink instead of Mother Nature’s wholesome fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds (which by the way, contain amazing vitamins and minerals for collagen production and skin rene [...Read More...]

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