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My skin saviours

Posted on: May 12th, 2013 by Rena Phuah (No Comments)

I am glad that a lot of readers enjoyed my little beauty post. I am now very inspired  to write more about great colours and makeup tips. Before I do that, think it is fair if I write up a quick post about skincare because good skincare is the base for good makeup.

I would describe my skin as dehyrated and acne-prone. Sometimes, my t-zone is oily but with some dryness around my nose and eyes area. After many years of trying different skincare products, here are my essentials:



Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, Sephora Triple Action Cleasing Water, Shiseido The Skincare Hydro Nourishing Softenener, Shiseido The Skincare Day Moisture Protection, Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge Light


I like a face cleanser that double up as a makeup remover to save some $$ and a few minutes of my daily routine. I like Sephora’s because the price is inexpensive, contains no alcohol and does not leave my face greasy. You do not need to rinse afterwards. When I feel like I have too much makeup on, I keep a Cetaphil handy to just complete the cleansing process. I am always tempted to get high-end cleansers because of they feel luxurious, but I find inexpensive cleansers work really well. To remove eye makeup, Sephora’s is my favourite because it didn’t leave a greasy residue. Obviously you can’t purchase these in Australia, so I recommend Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils, they are efficient but pricey.


The Shiseido trios are my holy trinity. I have been using them consistently for a few years. The hero product the softener. I would describe this as a toner/pre-moisturiser hydrator. The gel-like softener immediately hydrates my skin after cleansing. If I have some redness or spots, the softener calms them down. The moisturiser is designed to applied after the  softener. I use the oily-to-normal version which is light, absorbs well and leaves your skin glowing. There are heavier versions of the moisturiser for those who has dryer skin. The night version is slightly richer but still absorbs well. It leaves your skin pampered and hydrated.



St Ives Apricot Scrub, Boscia Luminizing Mask, Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Exfoliant and masks

The St Ives is a classic exfoliant, it is inexpensive and has been around for years. I use this every other day in the morning to reduce flakiness caused from dryness and spots. I use this for my arms and legs as well.

On days that I do not exfoliate, I do the masks. I like the idea of the Boscia peel-off clay mask which is easier to remove. My skin feels so clean and my pores seem tighter after using the mask. However, this may not work for sensitive skin. This is not available in Australia. If this runs out, I may go back to my other favourite, the Origins clay mask.

The Ren mask is a gel-like mask. It smells yummy and it gives you a glow. The glycolic acid content renews skin layers to reduce acnes, scars and pigmentation. My skin usually react badly to glycolic acid however this is mild.



Shiseido Wrinkleresist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream, Mario Badescu Healing Cream, Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion, Trilogy Rosehip Oil, SKII Facial Treatment mask

The extras

Of course, another part of your face that you must not ignore is the eye area. I have not have visible wrinkles yet, however prevention is necessary given that in my late 20s. The Shiseido eyecream is rich and creamy so you need to massage it in but it does not leave an oily residue. I use more on night time and less in the daytime. This eyecream has been around of 20 years, and there are so many good reviews on the internet. I’m surprised and glad that this is very well-priced compared to other high end eyecreams.

My acne fighting duo would be the Mario Badescu healing cream and buffering lotion. These two changed my life. The lotion works to lessen the size and severity of cystic acnes that are not visible on the surface of your skin. Healing cream is a cream that I apply on my spots to speed up the  healing process and as a barrier under concealers.

I use the rose hip oil at night before moisturiser on  acne scars. You can apply this as a moisturiser if you have dryer skin and on this works on fine lines as well. I personally haven’t seen much results from the oil but I will keep using it.

Lastly, the SKII mask. This  is the most luxurious item in my skincare range. It isn’t cheap (I got them when there was a special from Strawberrynet). This comes in a box of 6s or 10s. I only use it once a month or twice a month if my skin needs that extra help. The mask calms down my skin immensely and I feel my skin is drinking for its life from the mask. Leave this on for 20mins, I can guarantee you that your spots are 10 times better and your skin feels 10 times softer. I do not need much moisturiser and sometimes less foundation after using the mask. My only tip is that you need to wipe your face with a damp towel quickly to remove the excess flakiness and apply your moisturiser straight after (I skip my Shiseido softener everytime I use the mask)

I don’t regret buying the mask because it delivers what it promise and I believe that this is worth every dollar. The mask is perfect before a red-carpet appearance (if you are Ms Cate Blanchett), backstage before a runway show (if you are a supermodel) or for anyone who needs that extra glow for any special occasion. I read somewhere that Japanese brides use this everyday for 30 days before the wedding.

Why not?


Note: I have updated some of the product links such as REN and Mario Badescu to Mecca Cosmetica and Kit Cosmetics so you can go try them out or get the right consultation





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